[Howdy readers … enjoy this guest blog post, a photo-journal by Ben & Gillian accompanying today’s passionfruit can release while your faithful editor and labs chief Ronn is out of town! We promise a return to form upon his happy return! –B&G]



It began with a fruit lunch…

Every once in awhile, we join up for an R&D lunch as a team. March 3, co-founder & blog writer Ronn set a feast before us! What treats! Together we sipped sour beers and sampled fruits, imagining the flavors of new brews to go with them.

Kumquats! (Sours?) Peaches! (Saisions?) Grapefruit! (IPAs?)

Joy– and food for thought of many beers to come, but “ALAS”! One pointed out…. a favorite flavor was missing… the puckering passionfruit!


Fast forward six months, and Foods Hub tenant, the awesome Alexandra of gâté comme des filles, had returned from a foraging trip– her treasure? Freshly plucked passionfruit, plus pictures! These morsels were picked plush, from the Southern California shrubbery and destined to be packed into delicious bon bons.


alexandra shots pre passionfruit-02

FALL 2016 — “HOWDY”

…Said Ronn.

“Perhaps some fruit for our brews?”

“A passionate pairing?”

… and so it was!




Ronn took the fruits back to the brewery and in a series of puckering tastings, we sought to match the lushly textured, sweet, and sour flavor of this exquisite tropical fruit with a well-matched fermentation profile of one of our house-cultures of AERONAUT labs’ yeast. We tried it with many different beers in nano-batches, carried out in the multiplex test-fermenters of the labs.

Far and away our favorite experiment combined fresh, maceracted, passionfruit and the gently tart, “First Steps on a Sour Planet”, a Berliner Weisse created from a recipe first tested in our first days of homebrewing in our Somerville backyard.

We had a winner!



And Alexandra had been busy!

Using fresh passionfruit, newly foraged, she had crafted a brand new batch of bon bons, ready for release with our first single-barrel batch of beer that would become the “Passionfruit Sour Planet”!

On that day, in a valentine’s special we shared it with guests before a silent movie and were overjoyed by your feedback. Folks were insistent that it return. Your love notes & haiku-ed entreaties brought warmth to our wintry hearts.

Passionfruit Sour Planet would be back…

Passionfruit Label PNG-01  … and so it is.

To all of you that participated, thanks! Keep drinking and keep learning! You are the wind beneath our wings.

Thank you!


PS: Stay Tuned for the next Article digging deeper into  the roots of AERONAUT labs’ take on the base style of this beer, the effervescent & classic BERLINER WEISSE steel-soured session beer.



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