The Aeronaut Team: Dan

This is the third post in a five-part series on the people who make up Aeronaut Brewing Company. Here, we introduce the quirky characters who envisioned this brewery and urban farmhouse, and are now making it a reality.

Many of my formative beer experiences took place in Seattle, where I interned as a software developer for a period during my college years. There, I was happily surprised to find myself immersed in a huge variety of exciting West Coast ales unlike anything I had tried at home in New York. I spent a copious amount of time frequenting Elysian, The Pike, Pyramid, Mac & Jack’s and other strongholds of brewing in the area. Colorado and California beers flowed plentiful, Fat Tire became my go-to sixpack, and I started becoming exposed to Belgian beers then too. Well, once I returned back east, I promptly started homebrewing with friends to try and relive a bit of the joy that came with trying freshly hopped beer right out of the…plastic bucket (I suppose, in our case). Little did I know how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Boadie and Dan are pals
Boadie and Dan are pals

I’ve always had a passion for beverages and try not to be caught without one in hand, as anyone who knows me could attest. The eternal question for me is, beer or tea? They can both lay claim to an important role in societies from ancient times to modern, and have been important in my life too to delve deeper into ideas and projects or simply to relax into their delicious qualities and spirited effects. Beer wins out today—and haven’t most people switched from tea to coffee anyway?

I moved from NYC to Somerville a couple years ago, partially on a hunch that exciting things were afoot. Now as a founder at Aeronaut, I’m the official clerk but take on a variety of roles beyond recordkeeping, including licensing, driving, shipping logistics, equipment acquisition, prototype brewing, title-holding in bowling and ping-pong, and turning the wireless router off and on again. While not brewing, you may find me climbing on the neighboring bouldering walls at BKBS, hacking on fun software projects, or somewhere out on a long-distance drive or short-distance run.

Dan stirs a heady brew
Dan stirs a heady brew

I’m excited that we’re finally making the transition to an operational brewery after more than a year of non-stop prep work. It’s been an awful lot of fun meeting our new neighbors and larger community here, and we hope that you’ll get to visit for a better look at what we’re up to, and for some of the exciting Spring events we have in the works!

-Dan Rassi

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