NERAX cask ales heading to Aeronaut

We are thrilled to announce that Aeronaut will be hosting this year’s NERAX! For those of you not familiar, that’s the New England Real Ale eXhibition. It is an awesome festival that’s been put on in Somerville for the past 17 years, featuring cask-conditioned ales gathered one-at-a-time, from around the world.

NERAX is run by the Cask-conditioned Ale Support Campaign (CASC), which is a non-profit that is run entirely by a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers who are really into so-called ‘real ale’. What’s ‘real ale’, you say? Well, the way we think about it, it’s top-fermented ale in its native state, essentially just as it is after fermentation finishes, with a light carbonation that is created by the yeast. These beers are traditionally brewed, in the purest sense of the word, and are served directly out of lovingly cellared casks.

Casks on gravity tap
Casks on gravity tap

NERAX started back in 1997, when the first festival was held at Red Bones in Davis Square. That festival had a handful of casks and was so successful, that NERAX was moved to a larger venue the next year. After a dozen years at the Dilboy VFW (also in Davis Square), NERAX moved to the American Legion Hall near Union Square, where it was for the last two years. This year, due to things beyond their control, NERAX needed a new home. They wanted to keep true to the festival’s Somerville roots, so we offered them a new home and they happily accepted!

NERAX-goers among a multitude of casks
NERAX-goers among a multitude of casks

This year’s festival will be from March 26-29 at Aeronaut, and there will be 5 sessions total, with over 110 casks. If you’re new to cask beer or real ale, there is no better venue to learn about it. Get your tickets now!

Enjoying our NERAX shirts after the NERAX North festival
Enjoying our NERAX shirts after the NERAX North festival

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